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Atelier Christine is a HUB, a place where creativity meets innovation. Together with our specialists, you can bring your ideas to life and you can practice the knowledge you acquire at our courses.

Personalized outfits

At Atelier Christine you can bring to life the most creative ideas regarding clothing. We can serve individual or institutional needs through our personalizing services. We can deliver made to measure, custom made outfits. You visit us and together we choose the materials, the colours, we get your measurements and we start working on your item. Or maybe you need a thematic costume? We can help you with that too.


We make a mark on our own Atelier Christine creations. In the articles from our collections we embed our vision and creative spirit, our talent and knowledge. Our clothing items represent the HUB Christine identity. Tell us which one you like best and we will schedule an appointment with our consultant so that in the shortest time you will wear a Christine creation.


Whether you wish to customize a clothing item to enrich it’s appearance or to fit your personality or you wish to surprise your employees with uniforms or clothing items which contains your own brand, our embroidery services can help you reach your goal. Come visit us to benefit of the superior quality tehnologies and services.


HUB Christine offers preproduction stage specific services, through patterns creation which are later sent for series production. Fashion designers can come to us to build their own production samples. We welcome them in a warm and friendly environment, where they can find the tehnology that is necessary for their ideas.


You can apply for various courses: sewing, tailoring, pattern building, style, embroidery, crafting, materials selection and blending.

Why Atelier Christine?

Handcrafted clothing
Because definitely will be the best choice. By joining our design and execution team, you will become part of a professional environment. You will have access to the newest and most performant work tools.
We will create together the desired model, because here you won’t have to worry about patterns. With our patterns digital tool, you will be able to accomplish your most creative and complex ideas, confident that in the end your creation will perfectly fit your style and body.
You will learn the stages of an end product creation, beginning with the selection of materials according to the shape and structure of the product, the selection of execution processes and finishing with the changes made so that the creation will fit your body type.
Free your imagination and accept the challenge!

We offer:

Friendly work environment and a place where you can be creative and innovative
Wide range of services
Execution quality and product customization

You design, we deliver

We provide you with comfort and confidence with each creation.
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Atelier in Social Media

Press and articles
We invite you to follow us on social media for the latest news and informations about our events! Get up to date with Atelier Christine and our talented team newest ideas.


Trying my suit on for the first time was a really special moment. How it felt to wear and how it made me feel was amazing. Thank you so much for my wedding suit. Very enjoyable experience. On the big day the suits looked great and we had many positive comments.

our story

HUB ‘Christine Couture’ is a new concept in the fashion market in Romania, defined by creativity and innovation. We cover a large area of services for our clients and we can serve all of our customers needs in the process of clothing creation. From the theoretical bases on which we lay our ideas and best practices in this field, to the creativity, the talent and the pasion that drives us towards quality items, we can manage each challenge.

We have new tehnologies which help us bring our ideas to life. Under our specialists guidance you will be part of beautiful experiences.

Latest style and trends

From shirts to formal wear, we can customize everything!
Our team
Cristina Liliana Urzica

The experience on clothing production, logistics and clothing exports, achieved over the course of my career, represents the source of my vision and of the adopted development strategy for ‘Christine Couture’ HUB Professional activity improved with the coordination process of the Crafting workgroup for preservation of the romanian people identity. The activity was held on a government level, within the…